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Like so many, I have been wondering if you can really find a free reverse phone lookup on the internet.  There are so many claims on the internet that say they have a “Free cell phone lookup” when in the end it is only free to search but not to get the information. Hmm is that legal?

I am an internet web developer and teacher and have spent a considerable amount of time researching this issue. First let’s see what they mean when they claim to have a free phone number lookup. Let’s say you have a number that appears on your bill many times, a number that has been calling you at strange hours, or have been harassed by a prank caller or stalker. Now you will be in luck if this number is a registered landline. Free reverse phone lookup will be an option if the number is a landline.

The only problem is that your prank caller would have to be pretty stupid to call you from a registered landline. most times the info you are looking for is from a cell phone number. So yes there are free reverse phone number lookups, but they do not work for cell phone numbers.

So I  went to work with a team of internet savvy professionals to find  a way to find cell phone numbers for free. The results were not so good. Unfortunate cell phone numbers are given out by the individual cell phone companies, of which there are many, and they purposely keep them private. After scrolling many keywords through Google, yahoo, msn, Lycos and others we did not come up with any free reverse cell phone number lookups.

The good news is there are legitimate companies who have compiled very large list of private cell phone numbers. Large list are collected from many small cell phone providers. Because of the great effort and expense to compile these list they are not available for free. However the fee is a one-time payment and with some websites you can run as many searches as you like once you have access.others offer a single search for a lower set price. The records they offer include cell owners full name, address history, carrier details, and the phone connection status.  

So our team sees that the best approach is to first look for your number for free in a landline directory. Our research shows that WhiePages is by far the biggest directory with over 34 million unique visitors per month. They claim to have 80% of business and residential landline in there directory. They make their money off advertising, but for you this is a free phone number lookup. Free reverse phone lookup seemed like an endless search. See below.

As far as services  that can reverse find a cell phone number we spent time on many of these sites. There are some that claim to be free, but really there are no free reverse cell phone lookups. You should expext to pay between to for a reverse cell phone lookup. After extensive online research we found three that had the largest directories, the lowest price and each one has an easy money back guarantee .

So yes, there are Free phone number lookups if the number you are searching for is a landline.After the free search shows no results you can assume it is a cell phone number. If you decide that paying a small onetime fee is worth it to you to find this number then this is the way to go. Hope this helps you out.

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