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How to get free ringtones

Once upon a time cell phones were used purely to send and receive calls, since then technology has evolved so much new phones are almost unrecognisable from the old brick style phones with extendable aerials, the new iphone for example has an mp3 player, camera has a crystal clear display in fact it would be easy to forget its a cell phone as well. Phones can not only be practical but can be fun as well, they can now hold games, WAP and of course ringtones.

A ringtone is a sound your mobile can play when you get an incoming call or message, this can range from an alien zapper to a conventional tune, most people go for modern chart ring tones but the range and choice is much wider, you can get ringtones for every occasion. A ringtone is the name given to a sound that alerts you when a mobile phone receives an incoming call or message. On most modern phones these ringtones can be easily modified and you can have a another tone for every caller and occasion. In fact part of the fun of customizable ringtones is the ability to be able to transform them at will

There are a number of ways to ways to get ringtones onto your phone, You can often get them though your mobile dealer but they will charge you for the privilege, some of these involve you getting sent new ringtones on a recurring basis, but the charges can prove costly. As a result most people prefer to download free ringtones from the internet. There are many sites which provide ringtones for mobile phones be vigilant as there may be a charge attached but there are lots of sites out there from which you can simply download ringtones free of charge. There are 3 different types of ringtones you can download.

– Monophonic. This type of ringtone can only play a single note at a time (hence mono) this gives you the impression of the tune but is not that realistic
– Polyphonic. Polyphonic ringtones can play multiple notes at once, this give a more natural like sound and will much more like the original
– Truetone. These are normally smaller  versions of a song normally in mp3 format

The best site I have found for free downloadable ringtones is http://www.ringtones4all.com, here you will find mono and polyphonic ringtones, available in a large range of formats there is also logos, themes and wallpapers. The is a fantastic selection of ringtones to choose from.

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