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Mobile Phone Ringtones

Gone are the days when a mobile phone meant that you could only call other people. In this modern world owning a mobile phone, particularly the modern ones, allows you to do so much more. As an example, many phones allow you to be able to change the ringtone, which means that you can have practically any tone you like.

There are basically two types of ringtones- polyphonic and realtone. A synthesizer chip installed on the handset is used to make a representation of popular tunes. Realtones are actual clips or samples of the song and usually include the lyrics, if applicable. Newer phones will accommodate realtone ringtones; many of the older style of phones will only be able to use polyphonic ringtones.

You will find numerous websites on the internet that can provide you with free ringtones. A lot of the sites can provide you with plenty of songs for your particular mobile. No matter what genre of music you are interested in, you will find the tune available somewhere on the internet.

It is not just tunes that are available on the internet; you can choose noises, phrases and television themes also. Instead of a song your ringtone could be an elephant noise or the “beep beep” of the cartoon character, Roadrunner. One of the most common kinds of free ringtones are rude or funny; these can easily be found on many websites. Practically any ringtone you would like for your phone, you will be able to find it.

Many phone providers have an in-built function such as a music store, where you can find lots ringtones for your mobile. It is easy to access via your handset and you can then choose the tone that you want to your mobile.

Once you have chosen the free ringtones that you like there are two ways of getting them to your phone. One way is to download the tune to a personal computer. It can then be put onto your handset. The other method is to send a specific code to the website from your phone and in turn you will be sent the requested ringtone.

The appeal of a ringtone is undeniably attracting many phone owners including an abundance of teenagers Getting a song for your phone is one way to make the phone your own – it is a way of customising it and showing other people your personality.

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