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What I expect from my mobile phone

Once you have decided which provider you are going to use it can be a nightmare choosing the actual handset model. Everywhere you look there is media telling you which phone to choose. Television, magazines, billboards, radio. And of course your friends are always there with the reasons why THEIR mobile phone is the best there is because it has the latest cool ring tone on it.

The main decision is what is the most important activity for your contract phones. This means (and this if important) what you rely on it for the most. Secondary is what you would LIKE it to do for you.

Here is my priority list of expectations from my mobile phone handset/contract:

  1. Make and receive calls (obviously!)
  2. Send and receive texts/MMS
  3. Access the WWW…ok I’ll settle for MySpace
  4. Take some stunning photos (on mad nights out which can be posted to Flikr with the main purpose of embarrasing your mates)
  5. Not charge me extra for doing all the above
  6. Not call people by accident when I’m sat watching football (swearing and singing football songs) with my mates
  7. Not resemble a brick
  8. Not look lik a credit card
  9. Not require re-charging after a half hour facebook browsing session

My ‘wish list’ of preferences for my mobile phone is to be able to watch amusing Google videos. Saying that I certainly wouldn’t pay more or sacrifice my essential list to be able to do all that. I do use a PC at home and I doubt my mates at the pub would appreciate me sitting in the corner watching catch up TV on my mobile phone.

Looking around there are a number of decent handsets from the main providers and it’s these I prefer to stick too simply because they tend to have the widest choice and their name means they are most likely to provide the best service and have the best customer care (as difficult as that may be to imagine!). My top preferred phone network and handset suppliers are:

3 mobile – Get the latest 3G mobile phones, the best in mobile content and services like mobile internet, music downloads and mobile TV, and connect to the Internet with Mobile broadband.

Nokia – Wide range of mobile phone devices and monthly contract deals and of course the complete range of Nokia phones the moment they come onto the market.

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